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APNAN organizes workshops cum training programs on Kyusei Nature Farming and EM Technology for people from all nations.These programs are held twice a year (February and July), at the Kyusei Nature Farming Center, Sara Buri, which is located 120 Km from Bangkok.

The Sara Buri Kyusei Nature Farming Center, established on a 70 ha land in 1988 is the primary organization conducting training programs to extend Kyusei Nature Farming and EM Technology in Thailand.The Center also has training and demonstration unit and a model farm on Kyusei Nature Farming using EM Technology. The center offers its facilities to APNAN for the workshops and training programs.

The objectives of the training program of APNAN is to disseminate the technologies involved in Kyusei Nature Farming and Effective Microorganisms, due to their complementarity, and the proven benefits to humankind to obtain safe food and develop a sustainable and clean environment. Thus the demand for these resident programs, which are conducted for
3 days at Sara Buri and one day on field trips to sites using EM within the concepts of Kyusei Nature Farming, is growing steadily. APNAN also organizes special workshops for people of one country, due to the ever-growing interest in what we offer and also due to the excellent program at Sara Buri.

The workshop cum training is attended by nominees from our member countries and also friends. Past records and evaluations by trainees identify the program to be excellent and the facilities and food to be superlative.

APNAN also offers tours of the center and sites using Kyusei Nature Farming and EM Technology for agriculture and environmental development. These tours are generally of one day duration, where the participants are picked up at the hotel, driven to Sara Buri, where a tour is offered.

After a hearty meal at the Sara Buri Center, the participants return to Bangkok to enjoy life before returning home.

Again, all interested in these excellent tours organized by us...... Please contact APNAN !!!

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